How to Choose the Perfect DVR

The DVR is the nerve centre of your whole CCTV system. It stores the footage, allows you to watch the recordings and also offers a whole host of other features too, depending on the DVR you choose to buy. Because there are so many features though, as well as so many different qualities available, choosing a DVR requires much thought, as you want to get the one that is perfect for your needs. This blog post explores a few of the considerations you need to make.

The first thing to consider is how much storage space you will need. To decide this, you need to work out how many cameras you are going to have, and also how long you want to store the footage for. For someone with only a couple of cameras, a 250GB DVR will store all footage for a long time, but if you have 16 cameras, a much bigger HDD drive will be needed, perhaps up to 3000GB. Also, consider whether the DVR has a motion detection facility, as this will save on HDD space significantly.

Next you should decide on how many cameras you are likely to add to the system in the future – it is much cheaper to plan ahead instead of going and buying a new DVR when the time comes for more cameras. If you are getting a system with 4 cameras, for example, it would be prudent to get a DVR with 8 channels, so that more can easily be added at a later date. Of course, if you know you are never going to add to the system, a DVR with the same amount of channels in relation to the CCTV cameras you have will suffice, but be absolutely sure before you make this decision.

Finally, you should consider the features you want the DVR to have. DVRs come with all manner of different features nowadays, such as motion detection and remote viewing. These features can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your CCTV system and often come at a very cheap price, so it would be foolish to miss out on them.

When the correct DVR is matched with a high quality monitor and excellent CCTV cameras, you will have a surveillance system that works incredibly well and provides peace of mind to your, your family and co-workers. So, make sure you do your homework before buying to ensure you get exactly what you need!