A Guide to Placing CCTV Cameras

So, you’ve bought your CCTV and currently it is sitting on your kitchen table, with all the different components all over the place. There are now a number of things that need to be considered – such as how to connect them to the DVR and deciding how much footage to save –but perhaps the first thing to consider is where you are actually going to place the cameras. This might seem like an easy decision at first, but there are a number of factors to consider…

It is firstly important to identify the areas that need monitoring. This might be a front door, a particularly valuable item or perhaps lots of machinery sitting in a yard – regardless of what it is, identify it and then move on to the other places that need monitoring. In fact, it is even better to do this before ordering, so that you know exactly how many cameras to buy in the first place!

Now you have decided what needs to be monitored, you have to think about how to monitor them. For example, do you want the focus tight on the area, so that faces and number plates can be identified, or would you prefer the camera to provide a broader view of the area? The answer will have a large impact on whether you place the camera close to the area or not, as closer cameras are not going to be able to provide that broad overview of the area.

It is now the time to actually think about where the cameras are going to go, based on the two factors above. Firstly, find the most ideal place for the camera. When this has been done, you need to check to see if the surface will support the camera, as some surfaces, such as plasterboard, might not have the strength to keep a camera in position. If the area is strong enough, you have to then consider outside factors – will it be easy for people to see (if you want a covert system), will intruders be able to reach it and damage it, and will environmental factors cause the footage to become impeded at certain times of the year? If “no” is the answer to all of these questions, plus any others you might think of, you have succeeding on finding the perfect spot for a camera!

Now all you need are some tools and a bit of honest hard work. Before long you’ll have the perfect CCTV system for your requirements!