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1080P Ultra Low Light Hikvision 16Ch Kit with 10 x Wide Angle HD TVI 20M IR Dome Cameras #11080P Ultra Low Light Hikvision 16Ch Kit with 10 x Wide Angle HD TVI 20M IR Dome Cameras #21080P Ultra Low Light Hikvision 16Ch Kit with 10 x Wide Angle HD TVI 20M IR Dome Cameras #3
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1080P Ultra Low Light Hikvision 16Ch Kit with 10 x Wide Angle HD TVI 20M IR Dome Cameras

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This is a 10 Camera cctv system capable of recording 1080P High Definition images at 12.5fps (non real-time) per camera.

Although this system comes with 10 cameras, the DVR can accept up to 16 video feeds - so you can add more cameras in the future if you want to expand your security. These could be standard definition Analogue CCTV Cameras, 720P or 1080P HD-TVI Cameras.

Ultra Low Light

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, brings Darkfighter technology to its Turbo HD 4.0 series, with the new 2MP D8T series camera. This gives customers the ability to see in very low light conditions and to use long distance transmissions over power cable.

The Darkfighter ultra low light technology is already a leading function of Hikvision cameras, with the technology advancing all the time. Now it has been brought to the analogue range, giving even more customers the chance to benefit from clear, effective footage it gives in the lowest of light environments – even down to 0.005 lux.

These camera have a great feature, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which means that it is able to monitor areas with both dark and light patches extremely effectively – a problem that cameras without WDR often face. It will make sure that the bright areas are not too saturated, and also that the dark areas aren’t too black, therefore providing crisp images throughout the whole picture.

As well as the WDR, this camera also boasts IR night vision, meaning that it can see for up to 20 metres in complete darkness, thanks to the IR LEDs attached to it. These will automatically change the camera’s mode to night vision when the light drops to a certain level, meaning that monitoring continues in a seamless manner, even when the light is falling.

The cameras also provide 1080P HD images in true colour during the day thanks to its IR Cut Removable (ICR) filter - which as the name suggests filters out any IR light - which can saturate colour - during day mode.

The cameras are nice and small and can be installed either indoors or outdoors, making them ideal for many installations.

Internet / SmartPhone

All of our Hikvision systems can be connected to your router and configured so you can remote view them over the internet from a PC / Mac or even your iPhone / Android.

PC / Mac software usually comes on a CD with the NVR or can always be downloaded from the HIKVision website here - called iVMS-4200.

For your iPhone or Android phone you can visit your app store and download iVMS-4500.

Watching the Footage

Apart from viewing your system over the network or internet, the DVR also has a VGA and HDMI output meaning you could connect a computer monitor (VGA) and / or HD TV (HDMI) directly to the DVR. If required, using the options above, you can add a HD or VGA Monitor to your system.

When viewing your footage on one of these monitors you can select multiple views including one camera full screen and a split view of all cameras at once.

Key Benefits


1080P high definition

Capture the evidence you need with crystal clear 2.1 Megapixel footage!

lens size

2.8mm Lens

A fixed lens of 2.8mm will give you an angle of view of 103.5° - perfect for wide coverage.

IP rated for outdoor use

Weather Proof

The cameras are IP67 rated, meaning they are weather proof and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

view your cctv over internet

Remote View

Once configured you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world via computer or smartphone! Need help setting this up? call us for advice

Indoor or Outdoor use

True Colour Images

Not only do you get great night vision but these cameras also have a built in ICR (IR Cut Filter Removable) which blocks infrared light during daylight so you get true colour images!

Click on the "Options Help" tab for information about what cables come with the kit and hard drive recording times.

Click on below images to see full specifications of cameras & DVR (opens in new page).

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