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4 MegaPixel HiWatch by Hikvision 4 Channel IP CCTV Kit with 2 IK10 Vandal Dome Cameras
Product Code IPK214-LITEv2

4 MegaPixel HiWatch by Hikvision 4 Channel IP CCTV Kit with 2 IK10 Vandal Dome Cameras

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3 Year Warranty

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The best priced 4 Megapixel HiWatch by Hikvision IP CCTV - Guaranteed!

This is a 4.0 Megapixel 2 camera IP CCTV system from HiWatch by Hikvision, that is nearly two Million pixels (100%) better than 1080P High Definition!

Although this system comes with 2 cameras, the NVR can accept up to 4 video feeds - so you can add more cameras in the future if you want to expand your security.

Night Vision

The cameras provide amazing image quality in full colour during the day and when it gets dark the camera will automatically switch over to night vision mode - where it can see in total darkness up to 30 metre's.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The Cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors thanks to its IP67 weatherproof housing, however its always best to install glass domes in such a way the rain does not stick on the glass - as this can affect the vision.

Sleek Modern Design + IK10 Vandal Resistant

The cameras are quite small and compact so should not stand out like a sore thumb - they are also IK10 impact rated meaning they can take quite a beating, ideal if you need to position the camera low down where it might be subject to some vandalism.

Easy Installation

On top of the better than HD resolution, this is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) System. That means if the cameras are connected directly to the PoE ports on the rear of the recorder - they do NOT need a power supply, but will be powered directly from the NVR. This has many benefits, not least it can make installation extremely easy as all you need to do is run 1 Ethernet cable from each camera to the recorder. Be aware PoE has a maximum working distance of 100 metre's.

The cameras can be mounted on a ceiling and then pointed in the desired direction, if mounted vertically on a wall cameras can only look directly forward.

Important Note: This is a 2 Axis camera, this means the camera is ideally suited for being mounted on a ceiling - if you need to mount the camera on a wall it is advised you use the DS-1272ZJ-110 Wall mount bracket. If you do not use the wall mount bracket the camera will only be able to point directly forward when mounted on a wall.

Internet / SmartPhone

All of our HiWatch IP systems can be connected to your router and configured so you can remote view them over the internet from a PC / Mac or even your iPhone / Android.

PC / Mac software usually comes on a CD with the NVR or can always be downloaded from the HIKVision website here - called iVMS-4200.

For your iPhone or Android phone you can visit your app store and download iVMS-4500, or the new version is called "Hik-connect".

Watching the Footage

Apart from viewing your system over the network or internet, the NVR also has a VGA and HDMI output meaning you could connect a computer monitor (VGA) and / or HD TV (HDMI) directly to the NVR. If required, using the options above, you can add a HD or VGA Monitor to your system.

When viewing your footage on one of these monitors you can select multiple views including one camera full screen and a split view of all cameras at once.

Key Benefits

4 megapixel resolution

4 megapixel super high resolution

Capture the evidence you need with crystal clear 4.0 Megapixel footage! That's twice the resolution of 1080P HD.

lens size

2.8mm Lens

A fixed lens of 2.8mm will give you an angle of view of 105° - perfect for wide coverage.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The cameras are PoE enabled and the recorder has 4 PoE ports built in - so you do not need to worry about power supplies or additional power cable. This NVR will power the cameras via the Ethernet cable used for the video signal!

view your cctv over internet

Remote View

Once configured you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world via computer or smartphone! Need help setting this up? call us on 0208 144 9206

Indoor or Outdoor use

True Colour Images

Not only do you get great night vision but these cameras also have a built in ICR (IR Cut Filter Removable) which blocks infrared light during daylight so you get true colour images!

Click on the "Options Help" tab for information about what cables come with the kit and hard drive recording times.

Please make sure you select the highest resolution when viewing this footage.

Camera Footage

Sample footage gives you a very good idea of the quality you can expect from this HiWatch by Hikvision IPC-D140 camera - this video shows you actual footage of the camera during the day and night, outdoors.

Please be aware the above footage was produced with the camera installed using the Wall mount bracket DS-1272ZJ-110 - if you do not use the bracket you can only really point the camera straight forward as per the below footage:

Video Tutorials - HiWatch NVR

Video Tutorial - Flip Image via NVR

If you want to mount this camera flat on a wall and point it down you can only do this by turning the camera upside down and then using image flip to correct the image on screen.

Click on below images to see full specifications of cameras & DVR (opens in new page).

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