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Spy Cameras

We have a range of high quality, self-contained spy cameras - they have both the camera and the recorder built in. The only other item you might need is an SD card, some products include one but some do not - so be sure to read the product description.

Our Range of Spy Cameras

Our range of hidden spy cameras look like regular household objects such as a lightbulb and a mobile phone dock. Other objects famously used for a hidden security camera includes a smoke detector and a spy pen. Our spy camera range have on board video recording functionality however the video recorder may need additional storage. Our range also includes a wifi camera as well as motion detection and, in some cases night vision. The range also films in high definition digital video.

Why buy a Hidden Camera?

A covert camera can be an invaluable security device as more common CCTV systems can be easier to spot and avoid. However, when using a hidden camera, you should always consider the legality of what you are filming. A hidden spy camera could supply the proof you need that one of your employees is stealing or that someone you know is engaging in illegal activity. Our discreet spy cameras are designed to look like a USB phone charger but are actually impressive video recording devices. Our Wi-Fi spy camera option means you can hook the camera up to a home network and remote DVR. Their discreet and compact design is perfect for surveillance and the 1080p quality recording comes out crystal clear. You can control the equipment using an app with support for iPhone and Android devices. If you are looking for a hidden camera, look no further!