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Spy Cameras

We have a range of high quality, self-contained spy cameras - they have both the camera and the recorder built in. The only other item you might need is an SD card, some products include one but some do not - so be sure to read the product description.

Our Range of Spy Cameras

Our range of hidden spy cameras look like regular household objects such as a lightbulb and a mobile phone dock. Other objects famously used for a hidden security camera includes a smoke detector and a spy pen. Our spy camera range have on board video recording functionality however the video recorder may need additional storage. Our range also includes a wifi camera as well as motion detection and, in some cases night vision. The range also films in high definition digital video.

Why buy a Spy Camera?

A covert camera can be an invaluable security device as more common CCTV systems can be easier to spot and avoid. However, when using a hidden camera, you should always consider the legality of what you are filming.