The Advantages of Digital Wireless CCTV

One of the biggest breakthroughs in CCTV in recent years is the advent of digital wireless CCTV, which has brought a whole new aspect to the industry. There are a number of advantages to this type of system, and this blog post will look at some of the main ones. Hopefully you will then seriously consider them as part of your next CCTV set-up!

The first reason why this type of CCTV is such a good consideration is that the quality of picture represents a massive leap from the pictures associated analogue wireless cameras, which were the first wireless cameras to make a mark. These older styles were prone to a lot of picture distortion and interference, but this has been all but eliminated by the digital wireless cameras. Therefore, they are capable of providing pictures nearly on a par with wired cameras.

Another reason why this type of camera is a great choice is the fact that it does not use any wires – as the name “wireless” might have indicated to you! This has a number of advantages, with the first being that it means the installation of the cameras is much easier, removing the need to route wires through various walls and to skirt them around window frames. The lack of wires also means that they are easy to move – simply unscrew them from the wall or ceiling and place them somewhere else. Finally, no wires means that there is no chance of them being cut, which makes them much more vandal resistant than other types.

So, there are a number of reasons why a digital wireless camera should be a serious contender as part of your next CCTV system. We should point out, we still advise cabling a CCTV system if possible, but where not, digital wireless is a good solution.