Why Good Cables Are Important Within a CCTV System

Cabling is perhaps the most forgotten part of any CCTV system, but unless you are using a wireless system, you are undoubtedly going to need quite a bit of it! The cabling will transmit data from the cameras to the DVR, and then from the DVR through to the monitor, so it makes sense to ensure it is as good as possible.

It is tough to explain how good cabling makes a difference, so here’s an analogy. Imagine you have a valuable shipment in the back of a lorry, and the lorry then drives down a really bumpy road. The shipment is likely to be damaged and not the same as when it started. Now imagine driving down a perfectly flat round – the shipment is going to reach the other end undamaged.

High grade cabling is the equivalent of that flat road, as it will deliver the data without any damage, therefore meaning that the pictures are as they should be. This means that, after spending hundreds of pounds on CCTV equipment, it makes sense to buy the best cabling; otherwise even pictures from the best equipment won’t look great!

It is also the case that better cabling is also usually more durable. This is incredibly important if you are planning on placing CCTV cameras outside, as it means that they run less risk of being damaged by the weather, rodents or even other people. As has already been mentioned, the cabling is the way data gets from one place to another, so if it is damaged it won’t ever make it to the monitor. It would also mean having to buy more cabling, which can therefore make buying cheap cabling a false economy.

There is one other advantage to good cabling. As mentioned, it is usually more robust than cheaper cabling, and aside from having to spend more money on cables, it means that you’ll also have to spend more time putting new cabling into the system. Surely you’ve got much better things to do on a Sunday afternoon than repairing a CCTV system that should have been installed properly in the first place?

We make sure we sell only the best cabling here at JMC Security, so you can be sure that the cabling will get your pictures to the screen in perfect condition. You can add cabling to most CCTV system orders, simply by selecting the appropriate option before ordering.