Demonstration fingerprints cause IR bounce back on CCTV Camera

Hi all,

I wanted to show you a quick demostration of how you can ruin a cameras night vision simply by getting your fingerprints all over the glass on a high definition dome camera. See below video:

The above short video shows a 3.0 Megapixel camera in night vision mode, image quality is fine – then i walk in and simply rub my thumb on the glass dome directly in front of the lens and IR LEDs – I do this twice. Each time the night vision image quality gets progressively worse, to the point its practically useless.

In this case, it would be an easy fix – simply clean the glass dome. But I wanted to make people aware the smallest of things, a fingerprint smudge, can cause issues with a CCTV cameras night vision, so be very careful when installing cameras.

For example, if i was to scratch the glass dome – this would also cause IR bounce back, but would be unfixable!


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