CCTV Cameras – Lens Size Matters!

Please see below video clips showing one of our 1080P cameras with different lens options – gives you a very good idea of how important the lens is and how it changes teh angle of view

Please make sure you select 1080P HD resolution when viewing footage.

The above footage demonstrates how the lens size will change the angle of view – and give you a better idea which lens to choose.

As you can see the smaller the lens the wider the angle of view – so you can see much more of the scene with the 3.6mm lens, but of course if you are focusing on subjects further away – then the bigger lenses are better options.

Notice how you can clearly read the number plate on the Audi parked 20 Metres away with 16mm (even 12mm) lens – but not quite with the 3.6mm lens

When picking your camera its important to know what you want to get from it, then choose the right lens for that particular job. Or, you can buy a vari-focal camera and adjust it to get the desired view – what ever your choice we have a great range of cctv cameras at JMC secure!

Please note the camera was located in exactly the same spot for all this footage – that is approx 3m high and 4m from the first car.


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