CCTV and it’s role in a smart home

CCTV and it’s role in a smart home

Homes are getting smarter. Advances in technology have lead to voice controlled and phone controlled household appliances and fixtures. Smart bulbs can illuminate your room in any colour at the press of a screen and can be switched on or off by speaking to your chosen home assistant (Alexa, Google or Siri). Thermostats can be told to turn on when you’re in the car on the way home to pre-warm the house before you arrive. Fridges, TVs and other appliances are all part of the smart revolution and so are CCTV Cameras. By linking a camera system up to your router, either wirelessly or using ethernet, you can access a wide range of options that were previously inaccessible. A Network Video Recorder can record your feeds onto an internal hard drive whilst you may also want to check your feeds whilst out and about. Using smartphone apps you can get a live feed direct from your cameras to your mobile device.

There are some even more ingenious things one can do with a CCTV system integrated into their smart home. Have you gone on holiday and forgotten to turn the lights off? No problem, your cameras can spot which lights are on and you can then turn the lights off using your mobile app. You can also use it to deter intruders whilst you are away by spotting when it gets dark, and remotely switching the television on.

CCTV cameras can be used indoors or outdoors giving you a range of monitoring options. If you wanted to monitor your pets during the day a small discreet indoor camera would be perfect. From home or business security placing them conspicuously and strategically around your premises should be enough to deter any would be burglars.

If you have any questions about networked CCTV cameras or how to integrate them into a smart home solution get in touch with us today either via our website or over the phone.


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