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CCTV Systems

Our High Definition CCTV Systems are available in HD-TVI, HD-CVI or you can look at our HD IP CCTV Systems, which can offer 4-5 times better resolution than 1080P HD. Our kits are available with 2 to 16 cameras. If you are unsure what you need, speak to our highly skilled staff or take a look at our buying guides.

We have a huge range of CCTV systems available and, if you are looking for a bespoke system, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

High definition CCTV systems

All of our CCTV systems come with high definition (HD) at a minimum. We strongly recommend investing in a HD system, as the quality they offer over standard definition is substantially greater, while they are only fractionally more expensive.

Cabling for CCTV systems

All of our systems have DIY or professional cabling options. While the DIY option can be easily installed by anyone with the requisite know-how, the professional option requires a greater deal of expertise in relation to coax/electrical cables and fittings. All of our kits can be configured to suit your commercial installation or home CCTV system with minimal fuss. Although all of our systems are wired, you can also look at our wireless CCTV systems here if required.

View your CCTV system remotely

You can purchase kits with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 16 cameras (larger systems are available on request), all of which can be networked and viewed from anywhere in the world. This will need to be configured on your router, although some of our more modern kits have a universal plug and play (UPNP) option, enabling it to be set up with one click of a button if your router supports UPNP.

CCTV system storage capacity

All of our CCTV systems come with the option of increasing their hard drive capacity. The larger the hard drive you select, the longer the system will record before it overwrites. You can get an idea of recording times here – just click on the Recording Times tab. When ordering, always consider your longest period away from the system (for domestic CCTV systems, this is usually the duration of summer holidays) and make sure you have enough storage to cover this timeframe.