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Wireless Home Security Cameras

We strongly advise using a wired security camera system if possible - they are superior in pretty much every way. However, we understand there are some occasions when it simply is not possible to wire a system, so for these instances we offer the below Digital Wireless CCTV Cameras & Kits. Unlike most Wireless Cameras on the market, these offer 720P High Definition images with interference free Digital wireless signal. Please be aware only the video signal is wireless, you will still need to connect the cameras to a power source.

Our Range of Wireless CCTV Cameras

We have a fantastic range of wireless CCTV camera systems. Many products in our range boast additional features such as night vision and motion detection. Night vision is a particularly popular feature for an outdoor camera as it improves the cameras picture in low light settings. Our CCTV security system range is perfect for a home or business. The camera system can be connected to a video recorder to store the captured images.

The benefits of a wireless CCTV System

The major benefit of a wireless security system is the potential to place the cameras in a variety of locations that may be inaccessible for a wired system. With a wireless security camera, the only cabling that is required is a power cable. This can dramatically reduce the need for any drilling/cable running from the camera to the recorder or monitors. It is also easier to service wireless systems as there is no data cabling to be concerned about. Because of the lack of cables a wireless CCTV kit is also great for portability if you move house or office locations. Wireless security cameras also come in a range of styles such as the bullet camera and even remote pan-tilt cameras and often have the same great features as a wired camera such as night vision, motion sensors and mobile apps for remote surveillance monitoring.