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Burglar and Intruder Alarms

According to available statistics, there are a total of one million attempted burglaries, inclusive of successful ones, in the United Kingdom per year. Home security is of concern to us, and we're positive that it is the same for you. We at JMC Secure are committed to providing top-notch security systems including burglar alarms. We stock only trusted brands, and they include Pyronix, Ajax, ERA. We offer starter kits and additional accessories like motion sensors, keypad for the security system, magnetic sensor, batteries, and detectors so you can build the perfect alarm for your property (please do not mix brands – if you buy an AJAX starter kit then you need to use only AJAX PIRs, Sensors etc etc).

It’s a well-established fact that homes, when equipped with a security system, stand a lesser chance of being breached by burglars. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes external sirens, a great deterrent as it lets people know your property is protected with an intruder alarm from one of the best brands!

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Our Range of Intruder Alarms

It might never happen, but wouldn’t you rather be prepared if it does?

Your home should be your sanctuary, keep it secure with an Intruder Alarm. They are easy to install with no messy or confusing wires and Smart functions give you complete control of your own home security.

You’re looking to keep your home secure and safe from intruders, we know that. At JMC Secure, all of our Alarm systems are designed with your families safety as the top concern. These Wireless systems are easy to install and don’t require any professional installation to operate.

We know you want to know if someone breaks in to your home. With these Burglar Alarms, you’ll also be able to monitor activity around your home, keep track of who’s coming and going, and even check in and see with your own eyes using a Security Camera.

You can quickly and efficiently install multiple sensors at different locations in and around your home for optimal protection. From door contacts and motion sensors to fire and water sensors, your Alarm will monitor everything to make sure your home is secure. With new technology in Smart Alarms you can monitor your home no matter where you are.

You can choose who has access to your home with programmable codes and get an alert each time a code is used. Set your alert preferences and create a network of people to be notified if there is an emergency in your home. Take the Wireless technology with you if you move to a new home and add on as needed with updated Smart accessories.

The old adage, BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY is so true and with so many other benefits and features, can you really afford not to have an Intruder Alarm in your home?

Even “safe neighborhoods” have home invasions. Make a small investment now to protect your home. With a Smart Burglar Alarm you can always add components as your needs change. Start off with one of our complete kits and add more sensors as and when you need them – just remember DO NOT MIX BRANDS!

From motion sensors to door and window sensors, our Alarms monitor the entire perimeter of your home, alerting you on your Smart device and letting the intruder know he’s caught with the indoor alarm siren.

A central hub allows you to control every aspect of your Wireless Intruder Alarm from one convenient location in your home.

Easy to install Wireless pet friendly motion sensors allow you to safeguard your home and not have small animals creating false alarms.

Set up Curtain detectors with your Smart Alarm and you and anyone else you choose will be notified if someone crosses the boundary you select.

If you arm your Alarm system and someone enters your home without the proper clearance, the Smart Alarm will notify you via the app immediately.

Long lasting pre-installed batteries mean your burglar Alarm works even when the power goes out.

Even without WiFi your Alarm can sound in home and on street sirens to alert anyone present of an intruder.

What do you have in your home that’s irreplaceable? Family heirlooms, photo albums, antiques, sentimental jewelry … keep the things you can’t replace safe even when you can’t be there.

What’s important in a Burglar Alarm:

EASE OF INSTALLATION: Wireless Alarms can be installed in minutes with no need for a costly professional.

EASE OF USE: Smart Intruder Alarms can be operated from a central hub located in the home and connected to any authorized users smart device from anywhere in the world.
NOTIFICATION CAPACITY: 1. Alarms can notify you and anyone else in your network when there is an intrusion in your home.
2. They can be set to notify a security company when activated.
3. In-home and on-street sirens alert anyone in the home as well as anyone nearby that someone has entered your home without authorization.
AESTHETICS: You work hard to make and keep your home beautiful. Our Wireless Smart Burglar Alarms are sleek and unobtrusive, fitting easily into any decor.

BUDGET FRIENDLINESS: Due to their DIY ease, you won’t have to break the bank to purchase or maintain your Wireless Alarm. No costly monthly monitoring fees. You can monitor your home on your Smart device and set up a notification network to be sure someone knows if your home is being invaded.