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Fever Screening CCTV Solutions

Fever screening solutions are basically thermal camera kits that are able to detect the radiation emitted from people and use a built in algorithm to determine that persons temperature, and then of course warning you if said temperature is high. In the current climate these thermal fever screening solutions could be used to help detect the presence of a fever in our schools, airports, hospitals, hotels, theatres, factories and anywhere else lots of people might visit.

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Thermal Fever Screening Process

1. Set up a screening channel
Set up a quick screening channel in an indoor space to separate the space into a few parts.

2. Thermal camera quick screening
Using thermal fever screening solutions to do quick screening of the moving crowd with efficiency

3. Thermometer secondary check
For a person identified with a fever, use a thermometer to double check


Our Fever Screening Solutions are suitable for Hospitals, Shops, Railway Stations, Airports, Offices, Factories, Schools and more...

Advantages of our Thermographic Fever Screening Solutions

AI Human Body Detection
Our Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras feature AI human body detection to fix the measurement areas to human bodies, thus reducing false alarms caused by other heat sources.

Embedded Audio Alarms
With a built in audio module, our Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras can trigger alarms to notify operators immediately when a person with a fever passes by.

Unique Algorithm
Benefiting from Hikvision's self developed temperature measurement algorithm and big data obtained by lots of cases , the accuracy of temperature measurement is highly reliable.

One Stop Solution
We offer a rich product portfolio including thermographic cameras, NVR, switches, etc., which is easier for you to set up a complete and professional solution.


Q: Can the fever screening thermographic camera be installed outdoors?
A: Outdoor wind and sun can easily affect the surface temperatures of human bodies and the working status of the camera, which results in a deviation between the measured body surface temperature and the actual body temperature. To ensure the accuracy, we strongly recommend applying the solutions indoors.

Q: Can the camera detect multiple faces for temperature measurement
A: Cameras supports up to 30 persons at a time. But still we recommend to carry out temperature measurement person by person.

Q: Will other heat sources (such as tea cups, kettles, etc.) cause false alarms?
A: The cameras are able to use human body detection technology, so other heat sources will not cause false alarms.

Q: When can I use the fever screening function after a camera is turned on?
A: The cameras need to be warmed up before using. Turn them on and wait for 5 minutes handheld camera), 30 minutes bullet / turret camera).

Q: Does a handheld thermographic camera support the alarm function? And does it support VMS linkage?
A: Only supported by high end models Not supported by economical models.

Q: What is a blackbody calibrator? What should be noticed before purchasing it?
A: A blackbody is a standard temperature source, the thermographic cameras are able to calibrate based on the temperature of a blackbody calibrator. The blackbody only needs to be powered, no internet connection required. Hikvision thermal cameras are available with a blackbody to increase accuracy to ±0.3°