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CCTV Buyers Guide

Buying a CCTV system is by no means an easy task, the vast array of products available nowadays could confuse anyone so we have tried our best to put together a guide to help you make an informed decision about what system should fulfill your requirements.

The first decision you have is what format?

It may sound odd - but this is a buying guide - so a simple way of seeing what format might be most suitable is see what format is within budget. View our product range for rough price guide.


SD CCTV is considerably cheaper than the other formats available, so if you are on a tight bugdet this might be the option for you

sd cctv products

HD over COAX

HD over Coax is available in the below 3 formats - all of which are capable of 1080P resolution - that's 5X better images than SD!

hdcvi cctv productshdsdi cctv productshdtvi cctv products


IP CCTV starts at 720P resolution, so prices kind of fit in - lower than HD over Coax, higher than SD CCTV, just like the resolution!

ip cctv products

Once you have decided what format might suit your budget - you can read more information using below links: