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Voltage Drop

It is very important to know about voltage drop, basically this happens when sending power down cable to a camera, as the name suggests you lose (drop) voltage down the cable. So by the time the power gets to the camera it is not sufficient to power it.

There is no way for us to tell you if your installation will or will not suffer from voltage drop, it differs for every application - some customers have reported problems on 30 metre cable runs, others have told us everything works fine at 70-80 metres.

Usually, cable runs shorter than 25 metres do not have any voltage drop issues - over 25 metres its a bit of a lottery. You will know if your system has voltage drop issues if at night, and the cameras have IRs, the camera will start to play up - start turning off and back on etc. If this happens, you will need to try and get a power source to within 25 metres of the cameras location.