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8MP 120dB WDR Hikvision 32 Channel IP CCTV System with 16 x 30m EXIR 4K Turret Cameras (EasyIP 3.0) #18MP 120dB WDR Hikvision 32 Channel IP CCTV System with 16 x 30m EXIR 4K Turret Cameras (EasyIP 3.0) #28MP 120dB WDR Hikvision 32 Channel IP CCTV System with 16 x 30m EXIR 4K Turret Cameras (EasyIP 3.0) #3
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8MP 120dB WDR Hikvision 32 Channel IP CCTV System with 16 x 30m EXIR 4K Turret Cameras (EasyIP 3.0)

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A 16 camera IP system which can provide resolutions up to 8 million pixels - that's four times better than 1080P! This means you will get crystal clear images and have far better chance of facial recognition or reading number plates. You can also add additional cameras to this system, if you need more coverage, in the future.

4K Ulta HD

This is one of our new affordable 4K CCTV Kits, usually only available to very large organisations, hikvision have realsed a range of low cost ultra HD IP Cameras. These offer resolutions of 3840 × 2160 at 20fps, making them twice as good as 4MP cameras, and a staggering 4 times as good as a 1080P HD Camera.

30 Night Vision

The cameras have superb night vision and can see in complete darkness up to a 30 metre's. It is an automated process, the cameras infrared technology switch on automatically once the light levels drop so the camera can still see.

Indoor or Outdoor

The DS-2CD2385FWD-I is IP67 rated, this means the camera is weather resistant so can be installed outdoors with no concerns of getting damaged by the rain, you can of course install them indoors also.

Easy Installation

As with all of our HIKVision IP Kits, the cameras are PoE (power over ethernet) - but they also have a standard power connection if you require it. This enables you to install this kit without the need for any camera power supplies, as long as the cameras are connected directly into the Recorder, the NVR will power the cameras along the same ethernet cable used for the video stream.

PoE can make installation true "plug & play" - simply connect the cameras to the NVR and up pops the video streams within a few seconds. Perfect for the DIY installer!

Usually PoE has a maximum working distance of 100 metre's - however on these hikvision NVRs you can configure the built in PoE ports so that some of your cameras can run PoE up to a staggering 250 Metres. This is only available on 1 or 2 cameras, the rest would be limited to 70-100 Metre PoE distance as normal.

The cameras can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and then pointed in the desired direction.

Internet / SmartPhone

All of our HIKVision IP systems can be connected to your router and configured so you can remote view them over the internet from a PC / Mac or even your iPhone / Android.

PC / Mac software usually comes on a CD with the NVR or can always be downloaded from the HIKVision website here - called iVMS-4200.

For your iPhone or Android phone you can visit your app store and download iVMS-4500 or Hik-Connect App.

One or two Monitors

You can connect up to two monitors directly into the NVR to view live feeds or playback etc. One is via the VGA connection and the second is via the HDMI connection - if you want to view in high definition be sure to use the HDMI connection and make sure your monitor is 1080P HD.

There are several different views available from the NVR which includes viewing one camera in full screen - or all the cameras at the same time in split screen mode.

Key Benefits

8 megapixel resolution

8 megapixel super high resolution

Capture the evidence you need with crystal clear 8.0 Megapixel UHD 4K footage! That's four times the resolution of 1080P HD.

lens size

2.8mm Lens

A fixed lens of 2.8mm will give you an angle of view of 102° - perfect for wide coverage.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The cameras are PoE enabled and the recorder has 16 PoE ports built in - so you do not need to worry about power supplies or additional power cable. This NVR will power the cameras via the Ethernet cable used for the video signal!

view your cctv over internet

Remote View

Once configured you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world via computer or smartphone! Need help setting this up? call us on 0208 144 9206

Indoor or Outdoor use

True Colour Images

Not only do you get great night vision but these cameras also have a built in ICR (IR Cut Filter Removable) which blocks infrared light during daylight so you get true colour images!

Built in Micro SD card

Local Recording on Camera

These cameras also have a micro SD card slot - so you can install a micro SD card (up to 128Gb) and record directly to the Camera as well as the NVR. Micro SD card Not included.

Click on the "Options Help" tab for information about what cables come with the kit and hard drive recording times.

Click on below images to see full specifications of cameras & DVR (opens in new page).

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