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iSentry 720P HD Wireless IP CCTV System with 4 WiFi Cameras
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iSentry 720P HD Wireless IP CCTV System with 4 WiFi Cameras

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Here we have a 720P WiFi IP Camera Kit from iSentry, overall we are very impressed with this system - it is perfect for the DIY CCTV installer who does not want to be running cables all round/through their property. Of course, do keep in mind even wireless cameras need to be connected to a power source - so you still might need to drill holes for the power cable. Just so you know the Power supplies that come with the cameras only have a short lead (approx 1.5 Metres) so you might need the power extension cables from our accessories section available in 5 Metres or 10 Metres.

The kit includes 4 cameras - each supplied with a power supply - and the Network video Recorder with optional hard drive. Recording times vary depending on settings etc but as a rule of thumb we estimate 1000 GB equals 10 days (4 cameras @ 720p set to 25fps), 2000Gb would be double that (20 Days) and 4000Gb double again (40 Days) etc, etc...

The system is very easy to get up and running, all you have to do is switch on the recorder and cameras in close range and they will auto detect and start displaying the footage. Then you can install the cameras where required (be sure to check the signal strength before you start drilling into walls).

Once set up and recording you can then network the system and download the "FReeIP Pro" app on to your smart phone and view your cameras at will - there is a user manual that comes with the system (this is on a CD) which explains this procedure - again this is very simple to get up and running and does not require any difficult port forwarding - all you need to do is enter the ID or scan the QR code - Simples!


Spec Sheet (PDF)

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