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HD-SDI at a Glance

High Definition – Serial Digital Interface

HD-SDI is capable of providing 1080P High Definition images.

HD-SDI CCTV is a relatively new technology, only becoming readily available since late 2012. It is very similar to analogue CCTV in the way it is installed - i.e using RG59 coax cable to transmit a signal from the camera to a recorder. The major difference of course is it can transmit 1080P High Definition Images.

However, as it is a digital signal, the video tranmission distance is limited to approx 90 metres using good quality coax cable - then you will need to add in a HD-SDI repeater every 90 metres.

HD-SDI products are not compatible with any other format.

1080P Resolution - is 1920 x 1080 pixels - that's a total of 2,073,600 pixels.

That's up to 5 times the image quality of SD CCTV!

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High Definition (HD-SDI) CCTV

HD-SDI has many benefits, firstly it provides a better quality picture, and is easy to set up. The picture is of noticeable difference, as it is defined and clear, making it much better for identification. It uses coaxial cable, which means that if you have an old analogue system at the moment, then you won’t have to reinstall any cable to upgrade to HD.

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