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CCTV Cabling Guides

Once you have chosen what CCTV system you require, the next step is installing it. We get a lot of people asking "Can i install it myself?" and its very difficult to answer as the answer is dependent on your ability to fit the cable / drill wholes in walls / fit connections to cables etc.

The cabling is the hardest part of the installation, it can be made a lot easier using what we call "Plug & Play" cable, but no matter what cable you go with you will still need to be drilling wholes to run the cable through.

When you have decided what format CCTV system you are purchasing - we have put together some cabling guides for each format below:

SD CCTV Cabling

With SD CCTV you can use either of the below methods, most common method is RG59 coax, however if you have lots of cat5 cabling already fitted in your home / business (which is quite common in a lot of modern buildings) it might be more cost effective to go the Cat5 route.


With HD-SDI CCTV there is only one option, RG59, use the below link to learn more about this cabling option.

HD IP CCTV Cabling

With IP CCTV it is completely dependent on your network infrastructure, therefor your only option with regards cabling is of course - network cabling. Learn more by clicking the below link.