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What is HD over Coax CCTV?

Before HD over Coax CCTV systems, you had the choice of analogue or IP.

Analogue was the only type that ran over coax cable but was limited to resolutions of about 500k pixels, but IP systems could go to many millions of pixels.

Over the past 50 years many CCTV installations have used analogue cctv with coax cabling - so for all those - the only way they could have high definition cctv was to replace the entire system and re-wire using cat5 cables - a very expensive upgrade.

This increased the need for HD over Coax CCTV - and that first came about with the introduction of HD-SDI, soon followed by HD-CVI & HD-TVI. All formats offer 1080P (2.1 Million pixels) resolution images using coax cable. Allowing millions of people the ability to upgrade their CCTV system without having to completely re-wire it, they could just replace the cameras / recorder.

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