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SD CCTV Cat5 Cabling Guide

Before reading below, we suggest you have a quick read about voltage drop.


Cat-5 Cable

Some people prefer to use Cat-5 cable to wire up their SD CCTV System. You can do this by using one of the "twisted pairs" inside the cat-5 cable for the video signal. The cable comes in 305 metre reels.

Example Cat5 Cable:


Video Connections

At either end of your cut to length cable, you need to use cat5 baluns to convert the connection to a BNC type - so the cable can connect to the camera / DVR. The Cat5 cable simply screws into terminal blocks on the Balun - or you can use Baluns with RJ45 Connections.

Example Cat5 Baluns:


Power Connections

With regards sending power - simply use another one (or two, depending on how much power your camera draws) of the twisted pairs inside the cat5 for power. The bare cable will connect easily into the DC Jack terminal blocks.

Example DC Jack Connectors:


Power Supply (PSU)

Finally you need to power your cameras, this can be done in several ways. You could use a single power supply for each camera - but the most efficient way is to use a multiway power supply that can power all of your cameras from one source.

Example Power Supplies: