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Product ID KX10DP-WE

Pyronix 10m Pet Immune Tolerant Grade 2 Wireless PIR Detector

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The ideal detector for homes with pets: With two-way wireless technology this pet tolerant detector is the ideal choice if you have dogs or cats but still want extra peace of mind that your home is protected. Using the KX intelligent sensor technology, the KX10DP-WE can identify the difference between your prized pet and an intruder.

Sealed optics: Protects from possible infestation from insects, shields air movement in front of the pyro-electric sensor and protects against adverse reflections from inside the detector housing.

Easy installation and arm/disarm options: Being wireless there is minimal disruption on installation and with a choice of using keyfob, proximity tag, code or your smartphone or tablet with the ProControl+ System, arming or disarming your system couldn’t be easier.

10m Pet Immune detector: The detectors intelligent PI (Pet Immune) technology analyses the difference between an intruder and a pet signal, with immunity up to 20kg and 10m coverage range.

ABS plastics: 3mm polished finish, reduces electrostatic interference on the PIR sensor.

Signal Strength Indicator (SSI): One of the key advantages of implementing of the SSI technology is to allow the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.

Blue Wave Technology: This technology further enhances the detector’s immunity to infra-red noise in the environment. BWT comprises several key components: The new 3D optics system enables perfect focussing of the infra-red signal onto the pyro-electric sensor. This allows BWT to clearly identify the positive and negative signal edges. Digital temperature compensation digitally adjusts the detectors sensitivity to ensure intruder catch performance is maintained. Powerful software embedded into a microprocessor is used to process the received information from the pyro-electric sensor. The result of this combination is lower infra-red signal noise amplification and therefore better immunity.

Key Features

  • 10m pet tolerant detection up to 20kg
  • Secure two-way wireless
  • Dual element pyro-electric sensor
  • Blue Wave Technology
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Sealed optics
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
  • One Push to Learn Button
  • 868MHz transceiver FM technology
  • Pyronix High Security Wireless Protocol Encryption
  • Complies with EN50131-1
Detectors technical characteristics
Blue Wave technology Yes
Automatic sensitivity Yes
Digital temperature compensation Yes
Tamper protection Front and rear
Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) Yes
Enforcer two-way wireless technology
Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) Yes
Instant two way device control (ITDC) Yes
Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE) Yes
Pyronix intelligent jamming detection Yes
Programmable wireless supervision time Yes
868MHz transceiver FM technology Yes
One push to learn Yes
Tranmission method Fully encrypted rolling code
Transmission range 1.6km in open space
Detectors technical characteristics
Maximum range 10m
Animal immunity 25kg
Detection zones 52
Detection planes 5
Optimum coverage height 1.8 - 2.4m
Certified mounting height 1.8 - 2.4m
Environmental and operating features
Storage temperature -20C to 50C
Certified operating temperature -10C to 40C
Nominal operating temperature -10C to 50C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D) 117 x 69 x 50mm
Electrical & battery
Battery type 1 x CR123A
Battery life up to 2 years
Battery voltage 3.0V
Low battery threshold 2.5V +/- 5% at 25C
Certifications and warranty
Security Grade Grade 2
Environmental class II
EN Certificate EN50131-5-3: 2005 + A1: 2008, EN50130-4: 1995 + A1: 1998 + A2: 2003, EN61000-6-3: 2007
Certification type IMQ
Certificate number CA12.01426
Electrical conformity CE
Warranty 2 years
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