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Dome CCTV Cameras

Here at JMC Secure we are one of the leading suppliers of Dome CCTV surveillance cameras in the United Kingdom. We have worked with some of the leading manufacturers of Dome CCTV surveillance cameras over the years and built up incredible relationships which have allowed us to offer great deals to our customers.

Dome CCTV cameras are a massively popular choice with many of our customers. They offer a sleek, subtle design vs the more traditional turret surveillance cameras. In previous years the quality of image and feature set in Dome CCTV cameras has been a little behind their turret neighbours, but modern technology has really enabled them to shine.

Many have 1080p cameras, excellent low light settings, wide dynamic ranges, simple plug and play setups and much, much more. They are extremely durable, and many of our customers choose Dome CCTV cameras for the aesthetic, but the choice now is entirely down to your needs and preferences.

Do I Need a Surveillance Camera?

We would hope that we could live in a world where surveillance and security cameras would never be necessary, but sadly that isn’t the one we do live in. Luckily, surveillance cameras have never been more affordable, meaning that even if you have a passing need for one, or a slight worry you might need one, there has never been a better time to get your hands on one.

We stock a massive range of cameras, from the premium to the affordable, from world renowned brands, meaning that no matter your need or budget or requirements we will have the surveillance camera to suit.

Why JMC Secure?

We have a massive range of security and surveillance cameras to suit anyone’s needs. We have a built up strong relationships with the world’s leading brands and manufacturers, and our buying power allows us to pass those savings to our customers, ensuring that they get the best deals.

Our customer service team are on hand throughout the day to answer any questions you might have about your purchase, or to offer any advice if you are not quite sure which of our surveillance cameras is right for you and your needs; be it for business or home use.

Turret Camera FAQs

Q: I don’t know much about home security or Dome CCTV cameras, will your team help me understand them?

A: Of course! Our customers have a full range of needs and experience. We have some customers who have been with us for years, know exactly what they want and don’t need our help at all! Some of our customers need a little more guidance, though, and we’re happy to help.

Q: Aren’t CCTV cameras confusing to set up and expensive?

A: In the olden days both of those things were true. Business were the predominant users of security, and had the expertise and budget to support that. The advent of home security has meant that Dome CCTV cameras and the rest of our range has become much more affordable and simpler to use.

Get In Touch Today

You can get in touch with us in a number of methods, whichever suits you. You can use our contact form to get a call back, you can call us on 01902 213 999, you can email us at or use the contact button in the top right of the page!

Whichever options you choose, our dedicated and expert staff will be on hand to help you no matter what your query is. If you’re looking to get your first Dome CCTV camera, or add to your existing security system, then here at JMC Secure we are the best choice for you.